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Being authentic is important to us.

Auckland is a city full of eating experiences. The problem is that with so many options to pick from, it's hard to know just where to find that next food highlight that you'll be instagramming back to your social circles about. It can certainly be overwhelming for visitors or newcomers to Auckland and even seasoned locals to map out awesome eating experiences from the tried and the true to the brand new. There is however, a way out of that dilemma. How about booking an eating tour? Why not just let someone else do the hard work for you? You can sit back, relax, catch a little buzz, and enjoy the food coma at the end of it all. 

What you're paying for is an introduction to the foodie gems (and hidden ones too) in Auckland that you can't get from any travel guide or online media. We want you to fill up your tummies with our top food picks and have a fun time while doing it. Our guides are fun, engaging and knowledgeable Aucklanders who are all working professionals. They do these tours out of a genuine passion for meeting new people and are all truly integrated into this city's food scene. We believe you won't get that combo anywhere else!


Who are our eating tours designed for?

If you are a food and travel lover, then our tours are for you.

If you care about eating the best of the best and not settling for average, then our tours are for you.

If you're new to Auckland and you don't mind meeting some locals, then our tours are for you.

If you have a short time in Auckland, and want to eat your way through the stay, then our tours are for you.

If you live in Auckland but looking for something different to do with your friends, family or loved ones then our tours are definitely for you.