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Destination Dining: The infamous Spicy Dumplings at Eden Noodles

You know just looking at that sauce on the dumplings it's going to be good

The small shopfront that is Eden Noodles next to the Target Furniture store on Dominion Rd is not the easiest of places for an eating tour. Mainly because no matter what time of the day you hit it, it's just so damn busy. People know good food when they eat it. So good, that you will have no qualms standing in line out the door, waiting for your turn. Been there, done that....at different times of the day too. But the payoff is totally worth it. As soon as you slide that dumpling down your throat for the first time, I guarantee you you'll let out a wee groan - whether consciously or subconsciously.

So what of this so-called spicy dumpling? Unlike the plethora of dumpling eateries in Auckland these days whose sole purpose is to give us a variety of steamed, boiled or fried dumplings, Eden Noodles god bless them, give us their take on the Sichuan staple, Suanla Chaoshou (hot and sour sauce over folded dumplings), also commonly seen on English-written Sichuan menus as Wontons in Chilli Oil. These bad boys are something else. Juicy, slippery, chili-oillery (I'm aware that's not a word), and that ultimate balancing act of sweet, sour, and savoury. At Eden, you can get the actual dumplings wonton-style or just stick with the good ol' half-moon shaped ones. It really doesn't matter which way you go to be honest. If you order these, you 'will' win.

Perfect accompaniment to a bowl of 20 of these precious pillows of goodness is your mouth and your mouth alone. Don't share them. You'll regret it.

Keen on checking this dish out? Go to:

Eden Noodles, 105 Dominion Rd, Mt Eden, Eden Noodle's Facebook Page

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