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The Foodcraft Approach

When you pay for a Foodcraft Tour, what you're paying for is a special eating experience that you can't easily recreate on your own. So let's break it down and take you through the important need-to-knows that make our food tours unlike any others out there.

The Cost

What do I get for the tour cost?


So what do you get? Putting it simply, a typical foodcraft tour will cover anywhere between 8 to 20 dishes for you and your group, depending on the type of tour chosen. The average duration is around 3 to 4 hours. Throw in the pick-up, drop-off and in-between transport, your dedicated food tour host and "all of the above" and you've got a value-packed deal. One that's perfect for a special occasion, a catch-up with friends or family, a new experience, a company team-building event, corporate entertainment or even a gift to loved ones. 

The Transport

How do we get around?

When our customers are asked what aspect of the tour they love the best (aside from the food), the most common answer is the joy in being driven around from eating destination to eating destination. Eat, drink, and chat; get driven to the next stop and then eat, drink and chat all over again.


Our Foodcraft Hyundai Santa Fe 7-seater SUV is designed to take groups of 6 or less across all parts of Auckland in pursuit of Auckland's best dishes. For tours of this size, we'll come and collect your group from a single pick up point and at the end of the tour, we'll drop you back to your place of residence. For all tours greater than 6 people, we'll coordinate transport with our friends at Uber and get you to-and-fro from start to finish.

The Food Ordering

How do we order?

This one's simple. You don't. We do. For all our control freak friends out there, as much as you'd love to grab a hold of that menu and order for the table, it's futile. Don't bother. We've got this.


Part of the unique Foodcraft experience is that we want you to sit back and do nothing except eat and chat. Let someone else do all the heavy lifting. Part of the cost you're paying for is the time it takes to coordinate with each respective kitchen and craft a series of dishes that make sense not only for that eatery but for all of the eateries in the tour that combine to create an authentic eating experience.


The other part of the cost is factored into all of the taste-testing we do around Auckland and across menus 'of all types' in order to genuinely 'hand-on-heart' vouch for the dishes and food experiences we select for your tour (it's a tough job but someone's got to do it).


We're not food snobs, but we know our food. So put your trust in us to ensure you're eating the very best dishes in Auckland.


The Drinks

Does the cost include drinks?

As a general rule, drinks are not included in the price of the tour. However, on most tours, some drink pairings have been included within the tour fee. Think coffees, teas or juices on our Long Brunch tour; craft beers on our Curry and Beer tour; or a sticky wine for a Dessert tour. 


Your Foodcraft host will advise you upon arrival at each eating location whether or not there are pre-ordered drinks involved or not. For those clients who do wish to purchase drinks or additional drinks, these would be paid for separately by the group prior to leaving that eatery.  

The Payment

How and when do we pay?

Once a tour booking has been confirmed online, you'll receive a confirmation email with bank transfer details for the due tour balance. We suggest sharing the bank transfer details to your fellow group members so that they can make payments on their side. You can pay this online prior to the tour commencement date or if you prefer, you can pay this in person and in cash on the day. Please note though that your tour host will carry limited change with them so bringing your payment in exact change will be much appreciated. Those that have not paid online nor brought any cash to pay in person prior to the start of the tour may be barred from attending the food tour. So don't let it happen, ok?