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Founder & Owner, Foodcraft

I've lived most of my life in Auckland, growing up in a food-loving family. When I was 5, I'd come home from school, sit in front of the telly and rather than watch cartoons, I'd watch recorded episodes of Floyd on Fish. From there started a lifelong love for cooking, drinking, eating and dining, culminating in some unforgettable food and drink experiences in Auckland and abroad - living, working and spending significant time in Melbourne, Sydney, London, Tokyo, Barcelona and New York. Wherever I am, I love nothing more than sharing that passion with others keen to eat and have a good time. Friends and friends of friends message me to ask where to go to eat and what to order. And that's how this idea came to life. I'm no food snob, but I do know my food. You'll just have to trust me on that one. I love getting down and dirty just as much as hitting the 5-star fine dining establishments. All I care about is finding incredibly tasty food. And I know this city's food scene inside and out.... so if you're like me and you live for food and travel for food then hopefully I'll meet you soon.