in Auckland

Auckland is a playground for foodies and there’s no better way to experience a city than by eating your way through it. So how do you decide? Whether you're new to the city, or have lived here all your life - there's nothing like connecting with people who love food. So come eat with us and enjoy the foodcrafting experience.

Help us create your own tour or choose one of ours.



Nobody else's

Unique customised eating tours in Auckland for your very own private group of 4 - 6 in the Foodcraft SUV or 8 - 16 in a mini bus.

Tours run somewhere between 4.5 to 5.5 hours in duration. Our tours are designed to be fun, personalized, different, knowledgeable and authentic. We pick your group up, transport you to each eating destination, and drop you off at the end of the tour. All you have to do is sit back, relax and eat.

For Corporate Groups, our concept doesn't change. Whether you have a corporate account you'd like to entertain; or an entire team, department or staff team-building or social event to organize, a Foodcraft eating tour is going to be your new best friend. All the prep work is done on our side, you just come ready to eat. We've done heaps of work groups over the past 2 years so if you're keen to hear from any of our previous corporate group clients, we'll put you in touch.



Get bang for your buck

Our tours have a range of prices, all depending on the type of tour it is, the type of food we're eating and the tour duration. Your tour cost is per person and includes: pick up, drop offs, your local food tour host, transport, and the best eats along the way based on our pre-selected dish suggestions.

By the way - as these are eating tours and not food tours; rather than walking around a neighborhood, going into shops, markets and restaurants to try various foods, and hearing about the foods themselves and how they fit into the city’s culture; an eating tour is all about eating. From one stop to the next sharing some of the best dishes Auckland has to offer. Just good times. 

For more info on pricing, read our How It Works page.